Mischief Managed


Figured I should introduce you guys to one of my-ahem-assistants. This is the beautiful Missie.

Missie joined the family earlier this year after the loss of our previous horse Georgina, and has quickly become part of the family. Bought to be a safe, sensible ride, this horse is so full of character she has had to grow a lot of fluff to contain it! Seriously, those feathers, although very beautiful, are the bane of my life. Trying to keep them clean is a nightmare.

She is perfect for nervous riders such as my mum and I, as in the arena she is more likely to stop and refuse to move than she is to bolt, as, like me, she can be prone to a wee bit of laziness. On the road however she can be a bit of a handful, as she has a dislike of cattle and is nervous around large traffic. She is a quick learner though, and we hope we can soon have her out exploring and wandering with us.