Why Did We Buy One With Feathers?

Traditional Cob Horse Covered in Shavings

Hi Guys,

So earlier this year Missie the chunkamunk mare joined the family. She’s a great natured wee mare, very similar, in fact, to myself in character – eats a lots, doesn’t move unless she absolutely has to…

There’s just one drawback. A drawback we didn’t discover until the winter set in, and the rains came, and with the rains came mud, and with the mud came…


Missie’s wondrously flowing feathers, one of my favourite things about her, quickly became one of my least favourite.

One of my least favourite because these feathers drag mud EVERYWHERE! And when I say everywhere I mean everywhere. When you bring her in from the field madam likes to flick her feet, meaning your back ends up covered in mud and yuck. She then gets to her stable and shavings stick to the mud.

Washing the mud off is a task of team work. Missie has a very bad habit of kicking out with her feet when you go near them. Not in a bad way mind you, I just think she doesn’t like having her feet touched or washed. She’s also an absolute bloody fidget. And so when you attempt to clean mud from her feet she paws and flicks her feet and moves out of reach of the hose, meaning you need a second person to stand there, shoving her big butt back within reach and checking her whenever she lifts her feet.

This, mixed with the difficulty of getting up every night in order to clean them has led to the mud setting and causing the feathers to matt into dreadlocks. Determined not to cut them, every time we’re up Mum now works for quite some time de-mattifying the feathers, one at a time.

With all this hassle I ask: why did we buy one with feathers?

To be fair, Missie is the first horse we’ve ever owned with feathers, and this is our first winter with her. Hopefully time and experience will aid us in discovering how to live with and extra hairy horse.

Do any of you have experience with a horse with feathers? How did you deal with the mud? Any tips or suggestions?

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