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My Travel Bucketlist

Hi guys,

So every now and again I come down with a serious case of Wanderlust, and I mean a serious case. I can spend hours reading the various travel blogs I follow envious of their numerous adventures all around planet earth.

Not that my life is without travel. At the end of June I will be taking my first trip out of Europe, travelling to Chicago and Wyoming with the National Youth Choir of Scotland to take part in the July 4th celebrations. You guys have no idea how excited I am about this trip. Shortly after that I will travelling to France and London for other concerts – more on them to come hopefully. There’s a holiday in Inverness planned with the family later this year too.

Even with all these fantastic concerts taking me to such wondrous places, I do still have a travel bucket list of places I would absolutely love to visit in the future.

Scottish Highlands


I absolutely love the Scottish Highlands, and I am¬†so blessed to live in such a beautiful country. That being said, I have lived in Scotland for almost 19 years, and the furthest north I’ve been was Aberdeen, and that was to visit a family member, so there wasn’t even any exploring to be done. I honestly can’t believe I’ve never actually been to the Highlands. It’s one reason I can’t wait for the family trip to Inverness. \\it’ll be a fantastic drive up there. The route will take us through the Cairngorms National Park, so the views will be absolutely stunning. I’d love to do a walking/camping/glamping holiday up north someday, it sounds like heaven to me. Although, knowing Scotland’s weather it will rain down incessantly the moment I plan to do so.



I love Italy. I love Italian food. I love Italian culture. And being a singer, I’d be a bit of an idiot if I didn’t say I absolutely love Italian Opera. I’m currently learning to speak Italian at Uni, and I’d love to get the chance to put it into practice someday. Can you imagine how fantastic it must be to see proper authentic Italian opera performed in a proper, traditional Italian Opera house? My favourite places to lust over on Pinterest are Tuscany, Florence and Venice. The Tuscan landscape is just stunning, Florentine history and culture is fascinating, and Venice is just a wonder. An entire city just floating about, I mean, how cool is that? Italy is also a country of love and passion, so maybe I can visit someday with a significant other, should said significant other ever actually appear.

New Zealand


New Zealand. It’s Scotland, only warmer, and with bigger beasties. The scenery in New Zealand is just insane. Immense mountain ranges, vast lakes, the list goes on. It’s also the home of The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit, and so the geek in me is just naturally drawn to such things.



I’ve travelled to places like the Canary Islands and Majorca, but I don’t believe I’ve ever been to mainland Spain. If I have, I was way too young to remember it. I absolutely love the Spanish language. I studied it up to higher level in high school, and have to admit, I’ve let it slide since starting Uni. That being said, it is the language I automatically slip into when speaking a foreign language. Having studied French, Spanish and Italian I can say that Spanish is definitely my favourite. Spanish culture is also fascinating, as is it’s architecture. The nice sunny weather doesn’t hurt either.

The Isle of Skye


Okay, so I have actually already been here before, but it’s just such a great place, I’d love to go and explore the island more in-depth, perhaps on my own, or maybe I’ll drag a friend along too. It’s just such a stunning island, filled with wonder and a wee sprinkling of Scottish Fairy magic.

Well there you go, that’s my travel Bucket list. What about you guys, do you have a travel bucket list, somewhere you’d love to go? Or do you have ¬†favourite destination, somewhere you just love to revisit over and over?