What Am I Listening To – April

Hi guys,

Hope you’ve all had a fab weekend, spending time with family, eating what you wanted, enjoying yesterday’s sunshine (where’d it go?).

So as I sit here writing I’ve got the headphones on, music blasting in my ears, playing away in the background. I like having music on when I’m working, I find I can focus better. I also tend to find that the songs I listen to at the start of the month stick throughout, maybe shifting a little towards the end depending on what’s recommended  on YouTube. I figured I might start a monthly series of the songs I’m listening to each month, hopefully giving you guys some inspiration for your own playlists.

Let’s begin.

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Stone Cold – Demi Lovato


I will admit, not my favourite song on the album, but I still absolutely love this song. It’s great, Demi’s voice is strong, and I love that you can feel the emotion in the song. You can pick up a copy of her album Confident here.

The Phantom of the Opera – VoicePlay feat. Rachel Potter

Phantom of the Opera is one of my favourite musicals, and I absolutely love this a capella cover of the title song. I saw the video on Facebook a while back, and for some reason it popped back into my head recently. You pick up a copy of the song here.

Stitches – Shawn Mendes

I hate this song… because it is so bloody catchy. It’s been stuck in my head for DAYS! And it just will not go away! All jokes aside it is actually a really great song. I also really love the acoustic version by Shawn and Hailee Steinfeld. You can pick up Stitches here.

No – Meghan Trainor

God Meghan Trainor can write a good hook. It’s so catchy! I love the message behind this song as well, she has a talent for writing songs with strong messages that mean something to her. This song has actually inspired a future post I might write at some point soon. You can pick up her whole album Thank You  here.

Lost Stars – Adam Levine

If you haven’t seen Begin Again  yet you are seriously missing out! Like what are you playing at? It’s a great movie, great cast, AMAZING soundtrack! Lost Stars is one of the songs that stick with you throughout the movie, changing and evolving depending on what’s needed at that point in the action, and it’s fab. I love it, especially the version above. It’s the best version of the song  in my opinion. Grab the popcorn, watch the movie, fall in love and grab the soundtrack here.

Well, there you go. I think I’ll stick with 5 songs a post in this series, because if I don’t give myself a limit I could probably go on all day. And I mean all day.

What about you guys? What’s on your April playlist? Any opinions on the songs in mine? Let me know!

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