Game of Thrones – My Westeros Travel Bucketlist

Hi guys,

In honor of the return of Game of Thrones to our television last night I thought I might write a bucketlist post with a difference. Because, y’know, why not. Anyway.

There are several places in Westeros that are mentioned that you can’t help but think “that sounds nice, I kinda want to go there”, and there are places that you see on screen that you really can’t help but think “I have to go there!”.

Note: I do intend to mention a few bits and pieces about the plot and things like that going on so, if you’re new to us and haven’t caught up yet, just a warning, Winter is…no wait, wrong phrase…SPOILERS!!


Is any trip to Westeros really complete without a trip to its capital, King’s Landing? Not really, no. Just think of the sightseeing! There’s the ruined Dragon Pit, who’s Golden gates have not been opened in more than a century, or the Great Sept of Baelor and its marble plaza. You could perhaps wander near the Red Keep, but be sure not to upset the gold cloaks.


The seat of the Tyrells, Highgarden must be a beautiful place. Fertile and fragrant with all those flowers around, it must  be a spectacular sight in the summer when all is in bloom. You could perhaps aim to visit around the time of the Harvest Moon, for the Great Masquerade.


I have a bit of an affinity for snow and ice, so Winterfell would be a must visit for me. Or would have been, were it not now controlled by the Boltons. Ah. Not sure I want to visit when Ramsay’s hanging about. However, should the Starks regain control I’m all up for trip North. But Winter is Coming so lets hope that’s soon!


Not sure if I could cope with all that cold, but the Wall is just such a spectacular feat of engineering you just kind of have to want to see it, right? I mean, a 700 foot high wall of sheer ice isn’t something you see every day! It just isn’t! Slight issue in that there’s a little bit of unrest going on at the minute, due to a mutiny and, you know, a certain dead Lord Commander, but, eh, why not?


After all that cold you’re gonna need some sun, so why not head south for the Water Gardens of Dorne.They just look so idyllic, don’t they? So peaceful, so calm, and…oh, look, Ellaria and the Sand Snakes, run away! Maybe just stick to some sunbathing on a beach somewhere, me thinks.

Where would you guys like to visit in Westeros if you had the chance? The Free Cities? Casterly Rock, maybe?