I Need a JOB!!

Hi guys,

I need a job. Like really need a job. I have been searching for a job since I started university, to absolutely no avail whatsoever.

Damn it!

You see, I am one of these people caught in that ridiculous paradox of “you need experience to get a job, but you need a job to get experience”.

The only work experience I have is the week long work experience I did in high school, which was working as a kitchen assistant in Strathcarron Hospice. Which I loved! But I don’t think many companies count it as proper experience.

It’s not like I haven’t been busy and “working” so to speak. I have performed in numerous concerts, attended the Junior Conservatoire every week, and I even did a little Vocal coaching in high school.

But nowhere seems to consider this of any use to them at all!


Anyway… Moving on.

I currently still live at home with my parents and commute to uni every day, but I had hoped to move out next year into a flat with my best friend, Katie, who will be joining me at Uni next year, and will be stealing her brother’s amazing flat when he graduates at the end of this year. Like, seriously, this flat is insane, especially for the money the charge for rent! But if I can’t find a job by the end if the year that idea goes down the toilet quick march.

And I really don’t want that to happen.

I am also paying for trip to America with the National Youth Choir of Scotland in the summer, and although mum has helped me out a little, I’m paying this more or less entirely on my own. And it’s expensive. It’s a trip to America of course it’s expensive. But it’s also a once in a lifetime trip to America, no way in hell was I gonna pass that up!

So, my wonderful people I appeal to you. Any tips, tricks or advice on job hunting with absolutely no experience whatsoever? Know of anywhere hiring, especially if they’re willing to hire someone with absolutely no experience?

Help me! Please!

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