Look Left, Look Right, Look at the Bloody Departure Board!

Hi guys,

So guess what nigget got on the wrong train this evening?

Yep, you guessed it.

This one!

Spent too long gabbing at Uni, then decided I could make the train if I walked really quickly.

Which I did.

It was just the wrong train.

In my defence, I got on the Edinburgh via Falkirk High train, which 99.999% of the time stops at Croy. Not tonight though. As if I wasn’t tired, exhausted and brain dead enough after being in uni for so long.

But anyway…

The conductor of tonight’s train is a lovely lady, and has informed me that I am the luckiest idiot on the planet! There is a crew change at Croy and one door, I repeat, one door will open, which she will kindly let me off.

Thank God.

This also means that I will actually be home earlier than if I had been on the correct train! Yaldi!

However, it’s still not a pleasant experience to be sitting on a train and hear the tannoy not call out your stop as it rattles on.

So my lovelies, promise me one thing. That even if you’re going to miss the train by stopping for two seconds, read the bloody departure board properly.