There’s No Place Like Home

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Hi guys,

When you look at all the different travel blogs out there people have so many different ways of travelling. There’s the Nomads, people who have no home base. They travel all over the world with everything they own on their back, having complete freedom to travel to wherever the hell they like whenever the hell they like. There are also the people like Amanda over at A Dangerous Business, who has a set home base, works at home, and then travels throughout the year around work and other commitments.

And then there’s the people like me, who dream of travelling the world and seeing the sights, but lack the courage, funds and time to actually go out there and see the world. Trips abroad are family holidays or concert tours (can you believe the NYCoS America tour is less than TWO months away? Because I can’t!) where sightseeing is usually done in groups to the big touristy destinations, and you don’t really get the chance to get involved and truly get the feel for a destination and its culture.

Hopefully though this will change soon, and I’ll have the funds to be able to explore and see all that’s out there.

But even if I do, I know that the nomadic life probably isn’t for me, because no matter where in the world I go I will always have a home, and that home will always be…


Scottish Landscape Stock Photo

Scotland is and always will be home for me. There’s just something about it, it’s a country filled with magic and wonder and fairy tales, and I just feel like I belong here. Yes, I know I go on and on about wanting to travel and get out of here, but that’s because I know Scotland will always be here, calling me back. Back to what I know, back to settled normality. When I get off the train at Glasgow Queen Street and I haven’t been into the city in a while I still get this tingle that just tells me “I’m back, this feels right”, and I love that feeling! It’s an amazing sensation, and one that I hope never goes away.

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There’s something just so distinct about Scotland and its people. The culture is so unique, as are the locals who live here. We’re a very patriotic nation, but in a uniquely Scottish way. Unlike other patriotic countries, we don’t think Scotland is the best country in the world. In fact, we know it can be a bit of a shithole, but you know what , it’s our shithole, so don’t you say anything bad about it, because the only people who can are born and bred in this ridiculous country and we won’t take any flack from anyone! So I dare you to give it a try. Bring it, and see how far you get.

Anyway…Moving on.

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Loch Lomond from Balloch Country Park
View of Loch Lomond from Balloch Country Park

There’s no denying though, no matter how much of a shithole it may be, Scotland is a brilliantly stunning country. The weather’s shit, but it’s because of the dank, dark, murky skies and constant bombardment of rain, sleet and snow that our country is so green and lush and spectacular. Few places on the planet rival Scotland in her beauty and her unique landscapes and scenery. I love it, and I love that I can call this beautiful country home.

Now to head out in search of her rivals.

Where’s home for you? Have you been lucky enough to find that place you belong, or are you still out there searching? Or not searching, perhaps? Let me know!

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Why Scotland is Home

13 thoughts on “There’s No Place Like Home

  1. Hello from across the pond! I live outside Cleveland,Ohio in the US. We have a thing called Lake Erie that makes our shoes grey 9 months from the year. My happy places are the deserts of the American Southwest and the Mountains. I have been fortunate enough to visit them. Some day the desert will be home

    1. Hi back! Lake Erie definitely seems like somewhere I need to visit, see if it shapes up to anything we have over here. The American southwest is somewhere I’d absolutely love to travel to one day, and I can see the appeal of living there!

      1. It’s a huge shallow lake. There are awesome islands. The greatest amusement park in the world, Cedar Point. I’m talking fourteen roller coasters (or so). But the desert is better. The sights and sounds unbelievable. You get every color but green. Where we live, we see plenty of green.

          1. There’s a little city called Las Vegas (ok not so little). The great National Parks of the Southwest are within six hours drive. The Grand Canyon is about 4 1/2 hours (my favorite). But it’s cheap from here to fly there.

          2. It always makes me laugh when I think about how different journey times seem to Americans and Brits. Anything iver an hour away seems like sucha long journey to me, everything’s so much closer in Britain haha

          3. Where I live we talk about distance in hours. The desert has horizons that stretch for 100 -150 kilometers. I have seen it sixteen times and stillng fully

          4. I can imagine. My family and I climbed to the top of Goatfell on the Isle of Skye. You could see for miles, but there was still so much you couldn’t see!

          5. But the lift to the spirit in the view! It’s like the best feeling ever. Even though you know you’re not the first to see it, it feels you could have been

  2. I’m planning to be a nomad myself in a few weeks here. Home for me is Orlando though. Can’t wait to see more great posts, going to Scotland is high on my bucket list.

    1. I will always, and have always, advocated Scotland as somewhere everyone must visit. The Highlands are the most spectacular place to visit, I would definitly recommend. Coming from Orlando though I’d recommend maybe visiting in the Summer time first, our winter temperatures might shock you a bit haha

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