America the Beautiful – NYCoS on Tour

Hi guys,

Well here I am, home,safe, sound and thoroughly jet-lagged. I mean, I am so tired right now, it’s ridiculous. Who invented jet-lag, I want to smack him, send him on a twelve hour flight, and then smack him again! Seriously.


For my first time in America I think it went pretty damn well. I mean, it’s not every day that Maestro Donald Runnicles tells an audience that the choir they are about to hear are, in his highly knowledgeable opinion, one of the best choirs in the world. I mean, holy shit! Go NYCoS! Completely blowing my own trumpet here, I have to completely agree with him, the music we were making was something special. It was quite possibly the best I’ve ever heard NYCoS perform, every concert was electric, even the one we performed in a greenhouse on a day with 28 Celsius heat outside. The sweat was not pleasant. It was nasty. Not fun. Never again. Please Christopher, never again.

Moving on, seeing as the trip was so long, it would be an absolute injustice to you, myself and NYCoS to write it all down in one post. I just did so much it would be absolute nonsense.

So I won’t.

Today I shall just summarise, and later go into more detail. Sound good? I thought so too. I’ll come back and add links to the resulting posts once I’ve written them, making navigation a little better, y’know?

Day One

My first long haul flight to Chicago, followed by a bath, a concert and exhaustion.

Day Two

Rehearsals begin! Again followed by exhaustion (damn that jet-lag!) and burgers!

Day Three

Church service, a spot of lunch, and a rehearsal with the Chicago Youth Symphony Orchestra. (This orchestra were da bomb! (Did I really just say ‘da bomb’? Oh dear.))

Day Four

Fourth of July! A hunt for food and a once in a lifetime performance!

Day Five

The sweaty concert. Ew. It was nasty, but the music was fab, and the audience loved so, who cares? (Sweaty, dehydrated Lauren raises her hand) Some rather wonderful shopping followed, so all is forgiven.

Day Six

A ridiculously early start, followed by more flying, striking scenery, and a lot of meat. I mean, a whole lot! If you brain just thought that sounds wrong, get your brain out of the gutter. I mean it, Lauren, get your mind out of the gutter, ya nasty.

Day Seven

Mountains, ski resort, stunning sunshine, stunning views, waffles, impeccable rehearsal, fabulous concert. What more could a girl want?

Oh, and a very fluffy puppy!

Day Eight

Another impeccable rehearsal, and another fabulous concert separated by ice cream. Lots and lots and lots of ice cream. It was amazing!

Day Nine

A tour of Teton Nation Park, some exotic wildlife, a spot of souvenir shopping, and, quite possibly, the best concert of my entire life. I have never seen a standing ovation like it, and I’m not sure I’ll ever see one like it again. No word of a lie.

Oh, and the party. Which was a NYCoS part. ‘Nuff said.

Day Ten

So much flying! Why??? Why do we do this? So sleepy! On the plus side, someone thought I was responsible enough to be put by the emergency exit so…leg room!

Written out like that it doesn’t actually look like I did that much, but don’t you be too disappointed mis amigos, there’s more in there than you think.

Any of you been to America? Did any of you come to see any of our concerts? Any agree with Donald, is NYCoS one of the best in the world? (It is!)

NYCoS On Tour America 2016