NAtional Youth Choir of Scotland Chicago 2016

NYCoS on Tour – Flight to Chicago

Featured image courtesy of fellow NYCoSian Donald Feist. Check out his twitter for more ab-fab shots!

Hi guys,

So…Day 1. Here goes!

Why do days of travelling always have to starts so early?! Why?? I am not a morning person. What is a morning? Ask me to stay up to 4am and I won’t even question it. Ask me to get up at 4am and I will slap you, throw a tantrum, slap you again and then storm off in a huff…and then get up in the morning huffing and puffing when the alarm goes off. WTF?! I do not understand my body. Why is it so confusing?? Explain!

So as you can guess, I had to get up at 4am to catch my flight. Not cool. Especially as we arrived at the airport nearly half an hour before the check in desk was even open! What was the reason? I got out of bed for this!

Like I said, not a morning person.

I promptly fed myself upon passing security, and this may have aided in improving my mood. I don’t tend to get too hangry, unlike a certain roommate of mine who knows exactly who she is, but if you add an early morning and the stress of airport security, which is always way more stressful than it needs to be, then imma be a wee bitty grumpy. Can you really blame me? But a spot of Wetherspoons full English at 5 in the morning did improve the situation just a tad. Food is good, and don’t you ever forget it.

One thing that will always cheer me up when going on holiday is sitting in the departure lounge watching planes taking off and landing, and yes, I do admit my reactions get a little childish, but I care not. I’m going on holiday, just you try and stop me getting excited. Try it. I dare ye!

Plane Propellor

Our first flight was short and uneventful. I was only travelling with around about a third of NYCoS, and we still filled the plane to almost full capacity! A plane full of NYCoS t-shirts and sleepy, grumpy choristers which led to a quiet flight with the majority of its passengers out cold, which is probably an air hostess’ dream.

Then came  my first ever long haul flight, which, in truth, was not as bad as I’d been told it was going to be. Really. I had room to shuffle and shift, there was only one person to squeeze past when headed for the loo, movie selection was purdy decent, and there were some stunning views out of the windows at times.

Greenland Plane Window Flyover
What a view!

As we had gone through U.S Pre-clearance in Dublin (one of the few airports outside of the U.S. to offer this) we did not need to pass through immigration upon arrival to the States. This saved us considerable time, meaning we could just step off the plane, head straight to baggage reclaim, and be on our way super snappy. Fabulous!

Top tip: tie a piece of ribbon or the like to the handle of your case to make it more easily identifiable at reclaim. I had kind of forgotten what my case looked like after this lengthy flight, but found it no bother looking for the multicoloured ribbon attached to the handle.

We did get very excited when we arrived at the airport and there was a rather bright bus waiting outside. We thought it was our lift to the hotel. It wasn’t. Ours was fancier, and air-conditioned, and luxurious.  Oh, the life of choristers, it’s just so difficult. How do we cope?

Yellow School Bus Chicago America
Oh how we hoped this was our bus to the hotel.

I realise this post has just been me shouting and complaining about getting up early and flying, so I might end it here and tell you about my evening in a later post. As you can probably guess, I like me bed.

Do you guys enjoy long-haul? Any horror stories? Was your first long-haul better or worse than you thought it’d be?

NYCoS On Tour America 2016 Chicago Day One