Month: October 2016

My Favourite Instagram Shots of the Week 23/10/16

Hi Guys,


This week’s favourite Instagrams have a bit of a theme. They’re all of marvellous far away places, inspiring the Wanderlust and sparking ideas for travels and journeys. Without further ado, here they are.


Grand Teton National Park 🗻courtesy of @jkwinders #travel

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“It is a rough road that leads to the heights of greatness”

-Lucius Annaeus Seneca

I felt this quote just fit this photo perfectly. Grand Teton National Park is a wonder I have seen for myself, and would truly recommend you go visit. It was my first visit to America, and my first visit to an American National Park, but I truly hope it won’t be my last.



Liz over at Young Adventuress was one of the first bloggers I ever came across, and it was her blog that sparked the Wanderlust bug in me, especially my desire to travel and see New Zealand. I highly recommend that you go check her out!

Something on my bucket list is to stay in a  log cabin surrounded by snow with a large, roaring fire in at least one room. I just think this would be one of the most magical things ever (especially with the right person, should he ever come along). So Liz’s snap of this cabin in Northern Norway provoked something a little in the way of envy, as well as bringing about a whole bunch of cabin fever.



If I’m honest, I don’t think I really need to explain to you why this snap would inspire a desire to pack it all up and head for Greece. Do I?


See you next Summer! | Photo by @alexstrohl at Going to The Sun Road

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The colours in this photo are just stunning, and perfectly fit this time of year. not sure if this picture actually inspires Wanderlust as such, but it certainly is inspiring in one way or another.


Carry on ⛰ (📷: @felecool)

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Hallstatt in Austria is definitely right up there at the top of my travel bucket list right now. I featured another Insta of Hallstatt in last week’s post, but I saw this one and just had to add it to this week’s post. Why not, no one ever said there were any rules to this stuff!

So there you have it, my Instagram round-up of this week. Which was your favourite? Want me to add yours to next week? Then leave me a link in the comments and I’ll take a look!

My Favourite Things About October!

Hi guys,

When did it get to October?! It was June like two days ago! I was getting really excited about America and Summer and sunshine and…and now it’s October,  and it’s back to hard work and uni and singing and fresher’s flu…

Don’t get me started on fresher’s flu. I’ve been ill for over a week. It was in my throat,  then my nose, then all over, and it’s now having a last-ditch assault in my chest before heading on out the door.

As you can tell,  flu is one of my least favourite things about October.

But October is still one of my favourite times of year. Here’s why…

1. Autumn


Autumn/Winter is my favourite time of year! For many, many reasons. Although the Autumn technically begins in September, it doesn’t really feel like it’s here until October. That wee interim period between Summer and Autumn is an awkward one, but it opens out into  a spectacular season of change, revealing a colour palette Mother Nature reserves just for this time of year.

2. Layers

Fashion is a weakness of mine. Paired with make up, it’s probably the main reason I’m a spectacularly skint student. Maybe food is in contention for that title, I’m an absolute fat git. Summer in Scotland is a funny one. It’s warm, but not warm enough to not have something to cover your shoulders,  but too warm for you not to be boiled alive the second you do cover your shoulders. Pain in the bum.

But Autumn is the time of year for layers. Winter you just wear massive jackets and you’re done,  but in autumn you can play with cardigans and scarves and shawls and wraps. The list is endless. I really love the wrap above from Amazon, you could coorie doon away from the cold and not reappear until Spring.

3. Knitwear

Leading in from the previous point, Autumn is the time for Knitwear. It’s so comfy and cosy and soft and…need I say more people? Get the Knitwear out the cupboard!

4. Hallowe’en

Hallowe'en Favourite things about october

Would October be October without Hallowe’en?  Answer…no. Absolutely not! I really struggle to decide between Christmas and Hallowe’en as my favourite holiday of the year (it’s probably Christmas, but just because it lasts longer and I’m a greedy git!). I do love all the dressing up and sweets and partying around Hallowe’en, and revel in the mystic of Samhain, when the veil between this world and the next is at its weakest, and spirits can come and wander as they please.

5. Hocus Pocus

One of my favourite movies of all time, I save Hocus Pocus for this time of year, just to keep the excitement built up all year, and add another touch of fabulousness to the Hallowe’en period. Winifred Sanderson is just wonderfully wicked, and is sass goals. Who doesn’t love to just sass the bejeezus out of people?

And are you honestly trying to tell me this isn’t the best version of “I Put A Spell On You” you’ve ever heard?

So there’s my favourite things about October. What are yours? Do you love Hallowe’en as much as I do?

My Favourite Instagram Shots of the Week 16/10/16

Hi Guys,

Instagram is one of my favourite social media apps, and for one simple reason. As someone who likes, no, needs some good visuals in their life, I love scrolling through an app just chock full of pictures. Pictures of food, pictures of animals, pictures of places, pictures of anything! I love Instagram!

I love to use Instagram for inspiration. One picture posted might spark an intense desire to plan a trip to Switzerland or Austria, or cook up some spectacular dinner plans. The only thing I don’t like is your innability to save Instas. You have to go looking for them again once you’ve scrolled past them, and if you follow as many people as I do, it can sometimes mean you lose the photo.

So I’m gonna cheat. Sort of.

I’m gonna start up a wee Sunday round up of my favourite Instas of the week, as a way to share their fabulousness with you, and to keep hold of their links.


Skogafoss Waterfall 😍💦 Photo credit: @velhopekka #Excur

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How utterly stunning are the colours in this Photograph!?!?! That sky is just something else!! I just couldn’t not add this to a round up of my  favourites. It would have been sacrilege.


The atmosphere in this Insta is incredible. And such a great inspiration boost. What is this person’s story? Why are they here? Oh, the stories that could be written. If you’re a writer, you are welcome. Enjoy. If you are a traveller, I believe this snap was taken at The Dark Hedges in Ireland.


I’ll just leave this here. Gave me a good giggle.


Winter is Coming… #Hallstatt 😎#30countries30days

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I sat staring at this Photo for a good long while when I came across it yesterday. It’s stunning. I then proceeded to show all my friends at the table I was sitting at, and one particular reaction inspired me to add Hallstatt to my Wanderlust list. My friend Helen lived in Austria for a while, and the light and excitement that showed in her face when she recognised Halstatt in the image was so infectious that I intend to journey to Austria as soon as possible.


Shout out to my fabulous friend Suzie Murphy for this fabulous snap of the curtain at Glasgow Theatre Royal! Is there any better view in the world than that of the velvet red curtain hanging heavy, just ready to unveil the wonders that await behind it? I’m not sure there is.

So there you have it, my Instagram round up of this week. Which was your favourite? Want me to add yours to next week? Then leave me a link in the comments and I’ll take a look!