My Favourite Instagram Shots of the Week 8/1/17

Hi Guys,

Well, that was some festive period! I’m 50/50 happy and sad it’s over.

Happy because bloody hell did it get busy there! I started a new job which involved me working three to four nights a week, meaning I had to take an unintentional holiday from Wandering Scotland, but Christmas and New Year are over, and I’m now down to one shift a week, and I intend to make 2017 the year of Wandering Scotland. Do I have plans for this blog, or do I have plans for this blog?

But I’m also sad it’s over, because who isn’t sad when Christmas and the holidays are over and we have to go back to setting alarms and actually getting up when they go off and getting dressed instead of spending all day in pyjamas? Just me? No, didn’t think so.

The holidays, however, are over, and so it’s back to work and uni and blogging and getting my head down and getting on with life and back to routine. Just like my Weekly

Just like my Weekly Instagram round ups!


I love the light in this shot, it just seems kind of magical. And the waves actually look like they’re moving in the image, touchable, tangible, almost like a dream.


I love snow. There’s something about it that just makes everything around it seem just that bit more magical. It also has a really strange effect on my mind, calming it and allowing me to just stop and enjoy the moment. Even just seeing it makes me feel better.

Plus, as Liz at shows us here, you get to wear big fluffy jackets with big furry hoods, which is just fabulous.


Another reason to love the winter is all the wonderful snow shots that fill your social media timelines. I just love it! Snow also has the ability to make an image just seem that little bit sharper and crisper, like you, can actually see how cold it must be in the shot.


I don’t actually know what it is about this photo that caught my attention, it just did. I can’t actually tell you what it is that I like. I just do.


There was no way in hell this photo wouldn’t end up in my weekly round up this week. You can read about Wednesday’s recording in Thursday’s post.