My Favourite Instagram Posts of the Week 15/1/17

Hi Guys,

Well, that was a busy week. What with birthdays, rehearsals and needing to catch up on my socialising I feel like I barely stopped last week. I didn’t quite finish Thursday’s post, so I’ll add a few missing details to that and get it up next week instead.

Even though it was quite the busy week, I did manage to fit in a wee trip to the cinemas to finally see Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. I had forgotten just how much I missed the Wizarding World. It was marvellous! If you haven’t seen it, you’re missing out.


The heart of British Columbia Photography by @nick_fitzhardinge #TheGlobeWanderer

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This photo looks more like a painting than a photograph, like one of those watercolour wash things you’d do in primary school where you’d cut out the black silhouette things to glue over the top. It really caught my eye scrolling through my feed.


Purple is probably my favourite colour, and lavender is my favourite scent, so this image has all the right things going for it in my opinion. Besides. how peaceful does that look?


Vibrant cities 🎨 (📷: @cbezerraphotos)

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This looks like a movie set. It does not look like a real city. It’s mad! I’m headed to Barcelona right now to discover this fantastical, fairytale architecture. Bye!


Sunshine on a Wednesday ☀️ (📷: @bennijenhuis_ via @fantastic_earth)

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Magic. Fairytale. That is all.

A majestic setting 🌲 (📷: @tiffpenguin)

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#Beautifuldestinations had a lot going for it this week. That’s three of their posts I’ve added to the one roundup. But, can you blame me? Really? Look at how stunning those redwoods look, and the snow just makes it even more fabulous and magical.