My Favourite Instagram Posts of the Week 5/2/17

Instagram Roundup

Hi Guys,

How did you spend your first week in February? I spent it panicking about exams, hitting the gym for the first time ever in my lifetime, and planning a few wee trips out and about. Yep, you read right, my travel blog will very soon be going back to talking about travel! In fact, as I’m sitting writing this on Saturday night, when the post publishes on Sunday I will be getting on a train and heading on my first outdoor adventure of the year!

I’m headed to the stunning Isle of Arran with a few girlfriends for some walking, fish and chips and, most likely, a lot of rain. But when you live in Scotland you’ve got to dance in the rain, or you’ll never get anything done.


Even at its creepiest Scotland is just fabulous!


Starting to see a recurring theme in my roundups this year already. This is the third magical stag photo in as many weeks. Do I care? No, they are fabulous.


Added this one purely because it looks pretty cool.


Skye. One of my favourite places on earth. Can you see why? It holds a certain kind of magic I don’t think I’ve ever seen anywhere else on planet earth.


Taking a trip into the unknown 😜 (📷: @seniorjp)

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This pic look s more like something you’d see in a dream inspiring you to go and be your best and badass self. “What’s at the end of this magical red path?” “Don’t know, let’s go find out!”