5 Badass Bitch Quotes to Empower your Week

Hi Guys,

So I consider myself to be a badass bitch, or at the very least, I’m definitely a bitch. And you know what, this is something I’m pretty happy about. Care to guess why?

Bitches get shit done.

Bitches don’t take shit from anyone, they tell you straight what they feel about things, and are pretty much just fabulous individuals.

But sometimes even the best badass bitches lose focus and need a little enthusiasm. That’s where all the other badass bitches and #nastywomen come in. Sometimes you just need a little bit of a pep talk, no matter how badass and nasty you are.


“I’d say go to hell, but I never want to see you again.”

-Sylvia Plath


“A woman should be 3 things – Intelligent, stong and badass.”

 – R.H. Sin


“People don’t like it when the flame becomes a wildfire. Fuck Them. Burn anyway.”

 – Eric Van Vuren


“You call me a bitch like it’s a bad thing…”


“You only live once. You might as well be a badass.”

Just remember ladies (and gentlemen if you feel so inclined)…

Always be a badass bitch!