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My Favourite Instagram Posts of the Week 12/2/17

Hi guys,

How’s your week been? Mine’s been great! A week off really does do wonders when you take it to sit back, relax and just stop for a minute. I have a really bad habit of filling weeks off and breaks from uni with all sorts of stuff, then end up really busy and don’t really have a week off, just a week without uni instead. This week started out like that, but I forced myself to keep the diary empty for the past few days, and my God what a difference it makes to be able to have a few days to just wake up and know you don’t have to be anywhere. It’s fabulous!

I’ve used that time to mull a few things over and do some research. For a while now I’ve been considering taking a year about between my Undergraduate and Masters and spend some time travelling. I’m still young, especially for a singer, and so I feel that I do have the opportunity to take the time out and break away from my studies without it hurting my progress. I haven’t decided yet whether I definitely will or will not do this, but I like keeping my options open and being prepared, just in case.

All this thinking about travel has led to a wee bit of a theme running through my favourites on Instagram this week. Hope you enjoy!


Lights after lights ✨ (📷: @dorpell)

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I’ve been putting a lot of thought into perhaps slow travelling through France, Spain and Italy, enjoying little streets and alcoves in cities, just like this one.


I’d prefer to perhaps stay off the beaten path a little, staying in quaint little towns out of the way rather than in the middle of cities.


I feel that these little towns would give me the opportunity to see if living in quiet little villages is for me, as I’ve always liked the idea of living in a smaller village in Scotland when I grow up.


That being said, I wouldn’t turn my nose up at city living if I could figure out a way to afford it.


A road trip along the Amalfi Coast is a must at some point. It’s just so glamorous!

Any ideas, guys? Yay or nay on the year out? Any tips from people who done so?