Seeking Me: Week One – What is your Favourite Physical Characteristic?

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Hi Guys,

As some of you may know from my last post I am off on a journey of self-discovery and self-improvement, in an effort to become more comfortable in myself, feel happier, and also improve my performance abilities. As part of this, I will be following a series of journal prompts to help discover me and see who I truly am. I could do this in my journal, but I feel here on my blog is a better place to share these entries, as they will a) hopefully force me to be more honest with myself and b) encourage me to stick it out till the end. I also hope that I may inspire others to not only follow me on this journey but instead join me in discovering ourselves, because people, we are brilliant!

Thanks to Megan over at for these prompts, I look forward to seeing them through!

What is your favourite physical characteristic (face or body)? Describe a time you felt proud of that feature.

OK,  so I’m going to cheat here slightly. I know it only asks for one, but I’m gonna give two. It is one from my face and one from my body, so that doesn’t really count as cheating, does it? I’m gonna go with no. There is actually quite a long list to choose from here, as I actually quite like my appearance. I feel confident in my own skin in that respect, but there are two parts of my anatomy that I really feel are me. I feel they are the thing people most often comment on about me, and they probably are the bits I love most about me.

My first favourite physical characteristic, and probably the one I’d have chosen if I’d been strict and followed the one feature rule, would be my eyes. They’re a really unusual shade of green, but with just enough brown in them for them to be called hazel. I love the way that, due to this colour combination, people always freak out at the fact they tend to change colour in different lights. You can also pick out other random colours in my eyes at times as well, such as reds and yellows and browns. A time when I was most proud of this feature would have to be in this photo.

In my not so humble opinion, this is the best photo of me ever taken, and I owe it all the wonder that is Euan Kinloch. I really do love this photo, hence the reason why it’s used as my profile picture on just about anything. I love the colour of my eyes and the way it contrasts with the red lipstick, which is also my favourite lipstick, by the way, a cheeky wee NYX Soft Matte Lip Creme in Amsterdam. Which reminds me, I’m running out and need to buy more.

My second favourite Physical characteristic, or my favourite body characteristic, is…not my boobs. Ha! Bet that shocked a few of you. Yes, my boobs are pretty fabulous, and in my opinion, are just the right size, but I do have issues with them, like the way they ruin pretty nice tops by exploding out of them and making it seem like I’m dressed like a hoe 90% of the time, when actually, it’s not really that bad. My favourite body characteristic is, in fact, my waist. My waist actually affects how I dress myself, and nearly all of my fashion choices, because I’m always aiming to show it off. I have a waistline of around 27 inches (this obviously fluctuates depending on how much grub I’ve stuffed down there) which is actually not far off Marilyn Monroe’s waistline of 24″, and she’s hailed as one of the most attractive women in history, which is a nice confidence boost, let me tell you.

All in all, although to some people this post may seem a little vain and self-centred, I have to say I really don’t see it that way. In my personal opinion, which happens to be the only one that really matters, I am, physically, one pretty attractive young woman. Try to tell me I’m not and I’ll fight you. Jks, I don’t give a damn what you think, I am fine.


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