3 Things: October

October has to be one of my favourite months of the year. It’s officially Autumn, the leaves are changing, the temperatures dropping, and it’s time for cosy coats and hot chocolate.

Gratitude List October

Autumn really is my favourite season. Nature gets more interesting. I, personally, find the muted browns and yellows of the falling leaves to be far more beautiful than the harsh, bright colours of the Spring and Summer.

October also marked the return to University for me, and even though I’m only a few weeks in I’m already needing a holiday. We’ve been thrown in at the deep end this year with the workload and rehearsals et al. and I’ve been so busy that my self-care routine has fallen by the wayside just a little bit.

One thing I recently added to my routine that I’ve managed to keep up is my gratitude list, a wee daily note of something I’m grateful for to remind me that life isn’t as shit as it sometimes seems. I’ve decided to do a monthly round-up of my top 3 each month, to give you guys a glance into what keeps me plodding along.

1. The Changing Autumn Leaves.


The changing of the leaves really signals the coming of Autumn to me, and that means we’re heading for my favourite time of year. It’s time for Hallowe’en, Christmas, and it being truly dark enough outside for me to sit and enjoy some real candlelight at night.

The yellow, orange and brown of the dying leaves are so beautiful. There’s something so tragically melancholic about the wilting of the leaves and the changing of the seasons.

2. Retail Therapy


I was feeling a little down a few weeks ago after what I felt was a pretty poor practice session (what can I say, I’m a soprano, we’re overdramatic) and was in desperate need of a pick me up.

So I headed for Primark for some retail therapy.

I found myself a rather lovely light blue top in the sale for £1, and a sexy little leatherette skirt for a tenner. I wore the skirt that Thursday in a class and got a good many compliments on it throughout the day (go me!). I felt so much better after heading out and doing something I just wanted to do in the moment. I blew my entire monthly clothing budget =, mind you, but in my humble opinion, it was worth it.

3. Budgets


Speaking of budgets, why has it taken me to the third year of university for me to actually start a budget? The lack of monetary stress and panic about whether I can afford things is such a Godsend now that I’ve planned out my money and figured out that I’m actually not as skint as I thought I was! Yay! Now I can really get into those savings goals knowing that I can save for the things I want and still be able to do the things I want.

Well, there you have it, that’s the round-up of my favourite things to happen to me this month! I’m off to get myself a pumpkin spice latte and feel the sass with the Sanderson Sisters.