10 Wonderful Things #1

1) The Sunshine

What absolutely wonderful weather we’ve been having over the past few weeks! I’ve been able to get my summer clothing out and just really enjoy being warm for once. Shorts and skirts galore!

2) Picnics in the Park

On Monday Rosie and I packed up our picnic hamper and headed to Kelvingrove Park to soak up the sunshine. It really has been a very long time since I took time to go sit in the park and just relax.

3) Dining Al Fresco

I’ve loved being able to get up in the morning, have a refreshing shower, and then head outside to eat my breakfast outside. There’s just something so right about being able to wake your body up out in the fresh air and sunshine.

4) Body Confidence

I don’t know what brought it on or where it came from, but I’ve somehow found a new wave of fantastic body confidence over the past few weeks. I’ve had my legs out and just not given a shit. I’ve gone back to dressing my body the way I want and I’m just feeling great.

5) Fresh Flowers

I’ve been treating myself to a cheap bouquet of fresh flowers from Tesco to decorate my bedside table, and I am loving it. Fresh flowers just make any room look 100 times better, don’t they?

6) The Rain

Bet you weren’t expecting that. Yes, I have absolutely loved having the sunshine around and catching a tan, but that build up there at the end was just too much. I’ve needed it to rain for at least three days now, but better late than never.

7) Instagram Community

You hear so many people talking about the community and friendships you can build on Instagram, but for so long I just wasn’t sure. Recently, however, I’ve found myself starting and making conversation with so many new people, and I’m really loving the feeling.

So much so that I’ve decided to try and foster a community of my own. Use #wandering_through_life to tag your travel, lifestyle and just anything posts, and come join in the conversations.

8) Late Night Inspiration

Late night train journeys really are the best times for me to get the synapses firing. I’ve written two blog posts on the train recently, and began sketching another on last night’s return trip.

9) Great Reading

I recently purchased Laura Jane William’s book ‘Becoming’ on Kindle, and I’ve been loving it. I love how she’s carried her funny, candid truth through into her writing, and look forward to finishing it.

10) Screaming Strauss

Strauss is one of my favourite composers, and as I look forward to my auditions at the end of this year, I’m loving having a wee explore through the repertoire and selecting some bangers to have a crack at.

What has been the highlight of your week this week?