Fine Dining at The Dome, Edinburgh

The Dome, Edinburgh is an ideal venue for luxury dining in the heart of Scotland’s capital city.

I’m 21!

Who decided to allow this? I am not ready for the responsibility of being 21 and being an adult. Just the other day a woman told her child to let the lady pass, that lady being me! Do I look old enough to be a lady now?

Don’t answer that.

Old lady or not, I appear to be turning into a lady of fine (read: expensive) taste, and so, to celebrate my getting old day, my parents treated me to dinner and drinks in The Club Room at The Dome, Edinburgh. 

First Impressions

My, how the Other Half live. 

The Dome is just a truly stunning venue. Smooth marble floors welcome you to the entrance hall decorated with fresh white orchids and rich wood panelling. All this is lit by a spectacular chandelier hung centrally amidst an upper gallery leading to The Georgian Tea room, an elegant reception room where you can enjoy a (surprisingly) reasonably priced Afternoon Tea.

The Club Room

The Club Room is the epitome of luxury dining. Dimmed chandeliers (smaller than the entrance chandelier, but no less spectacular for it) create a luxurious and intimate atmosphere as you sit amongst petrol green leather booths. Again, wooden panelling enhances the lavish aesthetic, as do the white orchids placed above the tables.

The Grill Room

The Bar in The Grill Room is, however, the real feature of this stunning venue. This towering bar, well stocked with everything and anything you can think of, sits beneath the dome which gives this venue its name, and what a dome it is.

The building was originally built and designed to be the headquarters of The Royal College of Physicians, and ultimately cost more than double the original sum quoted by the building’s designer. The sumptuous and ornate carvings offer more than enough reason to look up and admire this feat of Graeco-Roman architecture, especially in the multi-coloured lights which enhance this stunning structure.

The Loos

Now, I know this makes me sound a little weird, but I know I’m not alone in judging a place by the quality of its toilets. I’ll always nip to the loos in a venue, just to see how they scrub up.

Well, the toilets in The Dome have to be quite possibly the snazziest loos I have ever been in! The main toilets are fancy enough – chandelier, leather sofa to rest your weary feet whilst you queue – but the toilets in The Grill Room took my breath away, and for a good reason. Wooden panelling gave way to embroidered wallpaper. Gilded mirrors reflect back upon each other, enhancing the illusion of space, and the giant pot of white orchids just…wow.

The Food

I’ve eaten in a couple of swanky restaurants in my time. Maybe not quite as swanky as The Dome, but fancy enough that you’d expect quite a something for your money. Often in venues like this you find that all this effort is put into the look of the place, but the food and the service just doesn’t measure up.

This was not the case in The Club Room at The Dome.

Admittedly, my Mussels starter wasn’t the best Mussels dish I’ve ever eaten, but that was simply a case of the flavours chosen rather than there being an issue.

The rest of my meal more than made up for this.

My steak, oh, that steak was just divine. I received an approving smirk from the waiter when I ordered it rare, and the chef did not disappoint. I was only dissappointing when I looked down at my plate and realised I had finished.

I finished up my meal with a Sticky Toffee Pudding and a Gin and Lemonade. This Sticky Toffee was traditionally made and served with a butterscotch ice cream. Delicious.

Service was fabulous, and although they served our table perfectly, it was nice to see that when a cuffufle arose at another table the issue was corrected immediately.

The Dome has definitely become one of my top picks for luxury dining in Scotland, and I may have to venture back in the very near future to enjoy a taste of their Afternoon Tea.