My Favourite Creative Business Podcasts

Podcasts are a great way to learn, and there are Podcasts out there on just about every topic under the Sun.

I love me a good podcast. They’re like radio shows, but with very specific topics, I don’t have to worry about the signal dropping just where it gets good, and I can pause and pick up where I left off when someone comes in to distract me.

I especially love podcasts aimed at helping small creative business owners. They fit perfectly with my form of procrastination; I’m still learning something about how to run a creative business, so I’m therefore still doing something to help my business, right? Not quite, Lauren, but nice try.

Although I’m always on the lookout for new shows and new creatives to shower with me with their wonderful information, I do have my regulars. I come back to these shows time and again. They’re hosts are all people I admire and aspire to be like, and they deliver their knowledge of the creative industries so well that I just can’t help but sit there, desperate to soak up every last vestige and crumb they throw my way.

I couldn’t possibly write about my favourite creative podcasts and not include the Queen that is Sara Tasker and her Hashtag Authentic podcast.

I take almost anything Sara says as Gospel. She’s incredible! Whilst on maternity leave with her daughter, Orla (who is absolutely adorable, btw), she set up her Instagram account @me_and_orla and has gone on to create a six-figure business, all whilst suffering from a chronic health condition and raising her young daughter. What an absolute Queen!

I have learned so much from Sara and from her podcast. Most importantly, that consistency is key in building a business, which is something I definitely struggle with, but tuning into Hashtag Authentic always gives me the oomph to get back to shooting or writing asap.

Julia runs the Independent Girls Collective, a membership community of independent women running their own small businesses all learning how to run the money side of having your own business (e.g. the icky bit.) If you’re not a member yet, you should be. £15 a month is an absolute steal for the amount of content and support you receive with this community and membership.

On the Independent Girls podcast, Julia talks to other badass business women about their businesses and their attitude towards the financial side of running a business. It’s brilliant, and even if you don’t run your own business, the chats about money and money mindset are brilliant for anyone who deals with money (a.k.a everyone).

Another entry from the wonder that is Sara Tasker. (Is it becoming obvious how much of an obsessive fan girl I am?) LFAHC is a collaboration between Sara and the marvellous Creative Coach Jen Carrington. The friendship between these two lovely ladies really shines through, and the advice they give in each of the episodes is always so, so helpful.

In each episode, Sara and Jen select a Letter from A Hopeful Creative (get it?) seeking help and advice on running their own business. This podcast is especially helpful in reminding owners of small businesses that we are not alone, and that there is almost definitely someone else out there with the exact same questions as you.

Jen Carrington

I came across Jen through the Letters From a Hopeful Creative Podcast, and loved her really genuine, gentle take on running a business. Jen is the level of nice that you know cannot possibly be faked. I would love to one day work with her in a coaching capacity when my budget eventually allows, but for now I am content soaking up her friendly demeanour through her Podcast.

What I like in particular about the Make It Happen Podcast is that Jen talks specifically about blogging in some of her episodes, which, as a blogger, I love. It can sometime be quite difficult to find quality content for bloggers out there. Jen has it in droves.

I’m classing Let’s Discuss as a bonus entry on this list, as it’s not really for Creative Business Owners. Monica (The Elgin Avenue) and Ella (Coco’s Tea Party) are two lifestyle bloggers and absolute queens. I love Let’s Discuss because it features these two wonderful women chatting about all things Life in your Twenties.

Let’s Discuss features on my Creative Entrepreneur list because, as bloggers, Monica and Ella have featured fellow bloggers and creatives in some of their episodes and have on occasion answered blogging related questions. I’ve learned plenty about being a full time blogger, and about being a woman in general, through listening to the Let’s Discuss Podcast.

These Podcasts are options I return to time and again for new content and advice. I always learn something listening to them, and their hosts are some of my favourite Creatives out there.

I am always looking for new Podcasts and Creatives to follow, however. If you know of any you think I might like, or any you think I just have to follow, regardless, then come join me over on Instagram to educate me and chat all things Podcast related.

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