My WTIO Bucketlist

As the Lockdown seems to stretch on and on with no set end in sight, one of the ways I’ve been coping is by imagining all of the wonderful things I’m going to do once life returns to the “new normal”.

This bucket list of wonderful things is entirely inspired by this post over on The Manifestation Collective. I read through Victoria’s WTIO (When This Is Over) Bucketlist and thought it was such a brilliant idea.

Having something to look forward to is always such a great way of improving my mood and keeping me sane, and that’s something that’s needed now more than ever.

To some, the end of this lockdown can seem so utterly far away, but it will end. It will end, and we will be set free, and life will return to some semblance of normality again. I, for one, cannot wait. I can’t wait to hug my friends, see the faces I love to see every day, and not have my world constrained to boundaries set by other people.

Get Back to Work

It’s not a statement I ever thought I’d be making, but I cannot wait to be back at work doing what I do. 

I am incredibly fortunate in that I genuinely do enjoy my job, even if customers do on occasion make me want to hit them. I am also incredibly lucky that I can say that that I truly love my colleagues and can count them as my friends. I miss seeing their faces every day, gossiping about absolutely nothing, and being around wonderful and friendly people.

Get Drunk with My Friends

Well, maybe not drunk, but I certainly intend to spend many an evening in the pub with my friends when this is all over. 

I can see it now; everyone sat out in a sunny beer garden (I hope), drink in hand, chatting and laughing and just generally having a great time. It’s one of my favourite ways to spend an afternoon. If I’m honest, it’s probably the main thing I can’t wait for, and this image in my mind’s eye is really helping to keep me sane. 

Visit the Isle of Harris

Or just travel Scotland more in general.

I haven’t been out exploring much in a while, truth be told, and I am missing it. So much. The more boundaries and the smaller my world is becoming the itchier my feet. Especially with all the sunshine we’ve been having. I want to see some mountains and walk around a loch and breathe the fresh Highland air.

Why Harris? No idea, other than the fact I have a very strange calling to go there right now. I also feel called to travel to Paris and somewhere warm and beachy, but for now, Harris it is.

Soak Up Some Culture

For someone who spent four years immersed in some of the best and brightest arts, music and culture in Glasgow, I can’t remember the last time I actively sought out any of the creative arts. I’ve no idea what the last concert I attended was. The last ‘new’ series I actually started and stuck with was Outlander (which is now in it’s 5th series, for context).

When the lockdown is over I plan on spending more time engaging with the vibrant arts and music scene in Glasgow and Scotland, attending concerts and visiting galleries. 

I work in the home of Scottish Bagpipes, for God’s sake, but don’t ask me anything about them or Trad music in general. I’ve been paying way less attention than I should have.

Eat a Stupidly Expensive Meal and Not Care ABout the Price

Before the lockdown I ate out a lot. It’s one of my favourite things to do. I love food, and I love feeling fancy, and did I mention I love food?

I’ve eaten in a number of Glasgow’s best restaurants, and drank in some of her fanciest bars, and I cannot wait to do so again. I’m going to go with my favourite people, eat some really great food, drink some really nice wine, and, for once, not care about how much money I’m spending on it.

If I’m honest, even though I’m looking forward to all these great and wonderful experiences, the main thing I’m looking forward to, and a theme of my bucket list, is seeing the people I love and care about and giving them a massive hug.

I miss my people!

Let me know what you’re most looking forward to WTIO. Write your own list, share it, even indulge in planning it just to ramp up the excitement. Until then, stay safe, stay home.

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