About Me

Hi, I’m Lauren, and welcome to my cosy little corner of the Internet. I’m a Scottish Singer, Writer and Creative trying to carve out my own path in life and write my own story.

CalmAc Ferry Ardrossan to Arran Sailing
I call this photo "Pretending not to be Frozen"

I graduated from the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland with a Bachelors in Music (would be opera singer over here) in July 2019, and ever since then I’ve been attempting to navigate that weird limbo between University and actually being an adult. Sometimes I think I’ve nailed it. Other days, not so much.

That weirdo is my best friend. She is as much of a fake adult as me.

I started Wandering Scotland in the Summer between my first and second years at Uni. Since then, I’ve become more than a little addicted to this strange world of the blogosphere and sharing (read:oversharing) my life online.

Whilst you’re here in my little bubble of the internet you’ll find chat about my adventures around Scotland, ranging from days exploring our capital city to wanders in the great, wild outdoors.

You’ll also find posts on my thoughts on becoming an adult. I like to think I’m a functioning human being (most of the time) but this being an actual adult member of society is bloody difficult. I know I’m not alone in thinking that either.

There will also be the odd random ramblings, mainly because I never shut up and my brain is a weird place to be, so I’ve got to have somewhere to put all these thoughts.

Lauren McKinney, Wandering Scotland
I don't drink often, but when I drink...I manage three gins and then need my bed.

You can usually find me searching for my next caffeine and cake fix, normally with a book or my laptop in tow. I am the Queen of procrastination, however, so I’ll likely be scrolling Instagram or searching Pinterest instead of actually working, but then, as a blogger, those things are kind of productive, right?

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Email: wanderingscotlandblog@gmail.com

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