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Lauren McKinney Mechiston Castle School


Hi guys,

So…I’m guessing if you’ve clicked your way through to my About Me page then you’re probably wanting to know a little about me and Wandering Scotland. Just a guess.


The ultimate About Me basics:-

My name is Lauren, I’m 19 years of age and a soprano with a penchant for writing and blogging.

Wandering Scotland:-

If you’ve a love for music, travel and Scotland you’re in the right place! There’s also a little photography, fashion and horse madness thrown in there too! I post every Wednesday and Saturday, and sometimes in between if I happen to be struck by the inspiration bug!

The Story of Me :-

Lauren McKinney Edinburgh Cherry Blossom

I am through and through pure blood Scottish. The Celtic tradition run deep in my veins. Born and bred in Scotland I have lived in the outskirts of Glasgow my entire life. I suppose having this security of having deep roots in the one place is actually what makes me want to travel so much. I know home so well that I just have to see what else is out there.

In school I was always the smart ass know-it-all (still am), which is probably what contributed to my lack of friends (don’t blame them, I am a pain in the ass!). My lack of friends however, has never been too much of a problem…I’m writing this as if I’ve never had any at all, which isn’t true at all, I’ve had many great friends, I just prefer having a small group of really close friends to a massive group of okay ones. Anyway, as I was saying, this small group has never, ever been a problem. I’m an absolute introvert, and really like having my alone time, during which I can write, read, and enjoy music in my own way.

Lauren McKinney Piano Playing
Yes, That Is Actually Me!

It was in my first year of high school that I really discovered music, and it set me down this path that I am now calling my life. Music is in everything I do. I have headphones on when I’m at the stables, I wear them when I’m walking sometimes, and when I don’t have my headphones on there’s music playing in my head, or I’m singing to myself or others.

But as much as I love music there are other loves in my life – got to be diverse and interesting, right?

Lauren McKinney Haystack Reading

I love writing and reading. Books were one of the singular passions of my childhood. When I was young you would rarely see me without a book in my hand, and I frequently read above my level. Creative essay writing was heaven for me in school, I loved it! Wasn’t so keen on reflective essays, I mean, what even are those? But I have always loved letting my imagination run wild on a page or on a screen, although I do struggle to find time for it nowadays, so I channel my writing prowess and cravings into Wandering Scotland!


My mum has had horses my entire life, and so equestrianism runs in my blood. I discovered a talent for photography in my 6th year of high school ( a very handy talent to have when you run a blog). I prefer landscape photography to taking pictures of people, and don’t get me started on taking pictures of animals, just don’t. Have you tried getting a horse to stand still with its ears forward long enough to take a few decent photos from different photos, or even just one?! Honestly, sometimes its really not worth it.


Travel and Foreign Languages fascinate me. I love them! I studied French and Spanish to higher level in high school, and have kept up my studies now I’m at uni. I also get language classes at uni, as it kind of helps to know what you’re singing about in all languages. Photos of exotic and far off paces just fill me with an eternal wanderlust, and I can’t wait for the day when I’m out there taking those photos instead of looking at them!

Well, that’s the basic story of me, but you can get to know me more by exploring the blog. I kind of talk about myself a lot on here, but isn’t that the point of a blog?

20 Random Facts About Me

1. I was born in 1997.
2. I am 5’3″.
3. I am a Virgo.
4. I am a size 12 top and a size 14/16 bottom(okay, being a tad generous here).
5. I am an INFP Myers Briggs personality type.
6. I am a total geek. My favourite TV shows are Doctor Who and Game of Thrones, and I can recite the Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit movies from memory.
7. I’m also a huge crime show fan. I love watching C.S.I and its spin-offs, and I think Criminal Minds is one of the best shows out there.
8. My dream countries to visit are Italy, New Zealand and Iceland. Read My Travel Bucketlist.
9. I can waste an entire day sitting on the couch browsing Pinterest.
10. I could not be vegetarian. I love steak and cheeseburgers far too much for that.
11. I really struggle to eat anything even vaguely spicy. I am a complete wusse when it comes to spice.
12. I don’t really like alcohol. I don’t drink very often, but I do have a soft spot for Jack Daniels.
13. I have a ridiculous range of musical genres on my iPod. It ranges from opera to rock, musical theater to jazz.
14. There is also a very high percentage of movie and TV soundtracks on there.
15. I get on with nearly everyone I meet, but if I don’t like you you’ll know about it.
16. I have never been in a relationship.
17. I’m one of those freaks who actually liked school.
18. I did not however like the getting up early-I am in no way a morning person.
19. I always act as though I don’t like all the smushy, romantic stuff in movies, but I secretly can’t wait until I have someone to do all that smushy stuff with.
20. It took me to 18 years old to find a best friend,then two com along at once, making me possibly the luckiest person alive. You can read my gushing about how fabulous they are here – Where Would I Be Without You?

Any Questions? Just want to say Hello? Give me a shout!

Email: lauren_mckinney@live.co.uk

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