A Traveller with Travel Sickness

I am a Traveller with Travel sickness. Who thought this was a good idea?

Hi guys,

I love travel. Why do you think I have a blog discussing my love of travel? I love that, no matter how often you travel, you will never see the same place, the same landmark, the same people the same way twice. And you will never be able to see everything there is to see on this planet. There will always be more to see and do just around the corner.

I also love the variety in travel, the number of different options for types of journeys, trips and transport.

And transport is what I want to talk about today.

I am comfortable on all modes of transport. I love cars, both in the way they make travel easy and also I just love knowing how they work, what’s under the bonnet, all that jazz. Bit if a petrol head is me. Also can’t wait to start driving, need to get a move on with that…


I commute to university by train every day, and it’s frequently my method of travel to my walking destinations. Just yesterday I hopped on a train to Loch Lomond for a day and a walk (that post should be up shortly). I will admit however, that buses terrify me. I don’t understand them. And bus timetables just confuse me. Once I’m on one I’m fine, and I travelled to high school every day by bus, but they do confuse me a little.

I love flying! I don’t get to do it very often, so when I do I just get this additional buzz of excitement added to my journey. I’m also a bit of a freak in the sense that I love airports. I’m quite happy to wait around for my flight (not too long mind you, I do have places to be thank you very much) and I always think airports are just an interesting place to be. The check in desk is one of my favourite sights. You just know you’re going somewhere exciting when you approach it.

As much as I love all these modes of transport in their own way, I do have one major issue that is more linked to me than the transport.

I get travel sick.

Not in the “I vomit everywhere and I need a sick bag and eugh kind of way” but in the ” I feel really nauseous, I’m gonna faint then throw up then faint again, get me the hell out of here” kind of way.

And there’s no way of predicting when it’s going to strike, because I don’t get it all the time, but when I do it’s really an awful sensation.

Many people when talking about solving motion sickness talk about reading or something like that to take your mind off it, but this just makes me worse. Legitimately the only way I can feel better is to get the hell out of there and just breathe for ages.

Which is an issue when you’re stuck in a big metal tin can at 40,000 feet, or on a train that won’t stop again for another half an hour.

So I sometimes just have to sit in the corner feeling like death and praying for the journey to be over. Not a great way to travel for someone who’s supposed to pay attention and talk about everything they saw on a journey.

I will admit, it’s becoming less and less frequent now as I travel more and more, but it still feels just as crap as it did before.

(And yes, I did get the inspiration for this post from today’s travel sickness heading into uni. Yay!)

What about you guys, do you get travel sick? Any tips on how the hell you can deal with it? Spread the love, share it around, help the travel sick travel community!