The Bonnie Banks of Loch Lomond in Pictures

A Trip to the Bonnie Banks o’ Loch Lomond!

My uni timetable had kind of diminished after Easter, and I now have a little more free time than I did before. On Wednesday last Rosie and I decided to use that time to be tourists and take a trip to Loch Lomond.

Being the super eager bunnies that we were, we arrived at Queen Street 15 minutes early for the train, as we’d thought it would have taken longer than it did to pick up our lunch and actually get to Queen Street. Better super early than even a little late, right?

The train journey was fabulously pleasant, no issues, nada. The sightseeing out the window was lovely, and the sun was even out, which made it even prettier. I kind of struggled with the fact that the journey only lasts less than an hour, cost just under £4 with a railcard, and yet I have never been to Loch Lomond before! How did that happen?!

This has contributed to the fact that the minute I stepped off the train I did a tourist thing. I immediately took this photo.

ScotRail Balloch Destination Board - Alight For Loch Lomond

It’s also ridiculous just how close Loch Lomond actually is to the station. Like, it’s literally just across the road. Following signs for Loch Lomond Shores we wandered up the banks of the River Leven to where it flows into the Loch, during which time we were accosted by the fluffiest dog I’ve ever seen, and almost run over by a Segway, with its slightly inexperienced driver screaming

“Aah, there’s a bend! Oh No! There’s a people!”

We got a good, long giggle from that!

Anyway, what we didn’t realise is that Loch Lomond Shores is, in fact, the retail and tourist area of the Loch, and so has a shopping centre and such, not just the shores like we’d thought. Not that it matters much, it was still nice, and our first views of the Loch were pretty good.

View From Loch Lomond Shores Leisure and Shopping
What a View!!
Loch Lomond Sea Life Centre
Now That’s What I Call a Sea Life Centre!
Loch Lomond Sea Life Centre
Loch Lomond Sea Life Centre
Bronze Otter Sculpture Loch Lomond Shores Scotland
Adorable Bronze Otter Sculpture

There’s a small woodland walk in the corner of the tourist area, so we figured, we came here to walk, let’s go walk! It’s a lovely, pleasant, really not very long walk at all, but it was really nice all the same. Sections of it lead right down th the Loch Side, and on a little private section of beach Rosie and I spent five or ten minutes skipping stones into the water, before we were so rudely interrupted by fellow walkers. Tourists!

Skipping Stones at Loch Lomond Scotland
She was better at it than me!

After the stone skipping, we ran for the shopping centre, because the beautiful, stunning sunshine disappeared and was replaced by a hailstorm! In all of two seconds! I love the Scottish weather!


Anyway, after a spot of window shopping, we figured we’d go back to Balloch and cross the River into Balloch Country Park, as we’d seen there was a fairy glen at the top end of the Park, and we’re both sticklers for fairies and magic and the like. (Plus, just a heads up, “Fairy Glens” tend to be the most natural sections of country parks etc, because this adds to the magic of the place).

Loch Lomond from Balloch Country Park
View of Loch Lomond from Balloch Country Park

I have absolutely no idea how far Rosie and I walked up that hill, but it was a fair distance let me tell you! We did stop for a pit stop halfway up, just as we got attacked by a fairy induced hail storm (or two)!

We also discerned that I can’t walk upright for more than ten paces without slipping or falling because I am the clumsiest person I’ve personally ever met and struggle to put two feet in front of each other. When we reached the top of our hike we came across a field of sheep with their lambs, Rosie promptly announced she wanted one, and we ran before she actually went through with stealing one. The walk down the hill was pleasantly uneventful and actually quite warm, at least until we reached the bottom and the temperature dropped ten degrees in two seconds and it hailed on us again, but anyway…

My first trip to Loch Lomond was fantastic – I had great company, reasonably good weather, and a great time, and can’t wait to go again to explore further and farther!

Loch Lomond and Balloch Country Park

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