Public Transport People Watching

Where are all those people on the train going when they get off?

Hi guys,

I love people watching. It’s fascinating. I have spent many an hour just sitting about just watching random people go by, leading their lives as easily as I live mine.

One of my favourite places to people watch is on the train, because, you know, train journeys are boring and you’ve got to do something to make them interesting, right?

So many different people travel by train every day that it’s hard to imagine being able to see every one of them, but the ones you do see are diverse and strange and intriguing and wonderful!

Take yesterday morning’s journey to uni.

The man directly across from me sat watching something on his phone, wide awake, and I kid you not, he was snoring. Snoring! Whilst awake! The only other person I’ve ever seen do that had been Mark when he’s been absolutely loaded with the cold! How do you snore while awake?! And how do you not realise and do something about it? Like blow your nose, go and see a doctor, stop breathing…okay may e not the last one.

But there were some other wierd people on that journey too. There’s one woman who, whenever anyone makes any kind of sound at all, she gives them quite possibly the dirtiest look I’ve ever seen given. Like, honestly, I’m tempted to ask her how she does it.

But maybe not. I want to live.

There’s also one woman talking to the completely uninterested man across from her about a Star Wars drone she bought for her husband. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love Star Wars, but I don’t force people to listen to me talk about it at 9.30 in the morning. I’m just too nice for that.

It’s also interesting to imagine just where all these different and unique people might be going in their lives. Who works where, who does what, who knows who? I guess I’ll just never really find out.

Do you guys like people watching as much as I do? Or am I just really wierd and should be locked up and hidden away?