The Living and The Dead – My New Guilty Pleasure

The Living and The Dead – My New Guilty Pleasure

Hi guys,

So I have a new television addiction, and it’s not something I usually watch…

‘The Living and The Dead’ is a supernatural thriller on BBC One, starring Colin Morgan in the central role of Nathan Appleby, a pioneering Victorian¬†psychologist recently returned to his family’s estate. Upon his return home strange unnatural events begin to plague the estate and the people working the land.

Now normally ghost stories and things like that are an immediate no-no for me. They freak me out, and I always get the impression there’s a presence around me after watching them. Creepy! I slept with the light on for a week after seeing The Woman in Black live at the Theatre Royal in Glasgow. That really freaked the shee-ite out of me!

So usually I steer clear of supernatural ghost stories and the like, because I like my sleep, and I can’t sleep when I feel like there’s a demon gonna get me the minute I close my eyes, right!

I realise I may be starting to sound like I’m a little tad crazy. I’m not, I promise! Just don’t think we should ever ignore things we don’t fully understand.

Anyway…moving on.

The main pulling point for my interest was in fact the shows star, Mr Colin Morgan. Colin starred in the BBC’s Merlin a few years back, which was by far one of my favourite shows ever! And its stars have been missing from my screen for far too long now, so when I saw Colin in the shows promo, I knew I’d have to take a look, and take a look I did.

And I may be more than a little addicted now.

The acting’s fab, the mysterious are delicious, and it’s just the right level of creepy for me to cope with!

The series’ first episode lays the groundwork for all the creepiness to come, and breaks you in gently, lulling you into false security. You don’t realise how freaky and weird it is until it’s too late, and you’re hooked, and there’s no way out! And then it gets weirder, and creepier, and more supernatural, and more addictive with each episode!

I seriously recommend this to anyone, anyone! Give it a look! And if you love Colin Morgan, and you’ve missed him as much as me, then I don’t understand why you’re not watching it already!

I’m gonna restrain my self from now on in though, and download a few episodes to my tablet to watch for my flight to Chicago, because, hello, it’s only a week away! America here I come!

Any of you caught up with ‘The Living and The Dead’? Anything else you think I should get myself addicted to for my in-flight entertainment?