A NYCoSian Summer

Hi guys,

So by the time this post will be up and published I will be in America!! You have no idea how excited I am! I have never been to the States before, and it will also be my first tour abroad with NYCoS. Aaah! Have to admit though, if I could get to America without the 8+ hour flight I’d be highly appreciative. I’ve never done long-haul before. Not all that sure I’m looking forward to it. Could also do without the 4am rise that is required to catch my flight. Why? I want my sleep! I don’t do well without my sleep, just ask my mum.

Oh, the things we do for fame, fortune and travel!

My summer is pretty NYCoS packed, actually. I have the ten day tour in the US of A, then I’m home for a fortnight-ish, with a few trips around Alba, and then I’m off to London with NYCoS for a performance of Berlioz’ Romeo and Juliette at the BBC Proms!

Holy crap!

And after all that we’ve still a performance of the Berlioz in France for the Berlioz Festival! Where did this jet set lifestyle come from, what is happening?!

I’ve also a family holiday, best friends’ birthdays, and my own 19th all mixed in there. The summer is supposed to be relaxing, why am I so busy?

Don’t get me wrong,  I am well aware how incredibly lucky I am. I am so fortunate to be a part of this amazing choir, and I hope to be part of the NYCoS family as long as possible!

Where are you guys headed this year? Business or pleasure?