A Day in the Heart of Edinburgh

Being weighed down with deadlines and stress is not fun, but what is is an adventure around the city centre of Edinburgh.

It’s been a while since I posted anything on here, so if you’ve stuck around, well done! And thank you! I’ve been feeling very blogger-ry over the past wee while, and have been getting really into the idea of working for myself again, so I’m really going to push myself to be posting some more regular content on here again. Fingers crossed🤞.

I’ve been a bit snowed under recently with deadlines and picking up extra shifts at work, but I’ve nearly finished my third year at uni(😮), with just two massive deadlines and my final recital to go!

But in amongst all this hustle and bustle, I’ve been fighting to fit in the time for some new adventures. I’ve two holidays booked for just after I finish uni, and a jam-packed summer of fun coming up.

After finishing one of my three deadlines for Monday earlier today I allowed myself some time off this afternoon and headed through to Edinburgh with my Dad and Brother.

The sunshine was out in full force, making for a rather lovely afternoon of wandering.

When we first got off the train we headed up the Royal Mile. With my jumper tied around my waist and my wee backpack on I looked like a right tourist, which meant I blended in quite nicely with the other few hundred people up there today.

It may yet be a few months before the festival, but Scotland’s capital is already gearing up for the Fringe. There were tourist shows galore, and they’re already beginning to construct the stands for the Military Tattoo up at the Castle.

After wandering down to Princes Street Gardens to loiter in the sun for a while we grabbed some lunch and headed to the shopping district.

Side note: I now have a new favourite bar. Dad took us into The Dome to show us how stunning it is, and my God is it stunning😍 I know where I’m going for my 21st later this year!

My Dad makes a pretty good tour guide, actually. He knew me pretty well and suggested we head down Rose Street.

It’s a bit like Glasgow’s Ashton Lane but longer and a little less…hipster? Is that the word I’m looking for? I felt it was a little more inviting, anyway.

(Did I just say something about Edinburgh was better than Glasgow!!😯😯)

Prince’s Street Gardens really are quite lovely, and we finished our day of wandering by taking a stroll through the sunny greenery back towards Waverley.

It had been a long time since I’d been in Edinburgh, but the sun really made it a fabulous day out.

Here’s me with Wotjeck the Bear to finish up this post🙂.