Here’s the Reason You’re Struggling so Much with the New Year

I posted on Instagram yesterday complaining about the fact that I felt like absolute crap but was soldiering on regardless because it was time to get back to work and that’s what we do.

(The post was actually a new style for me, so I’d love it if you could pop on over and let me know what you think.)

Scrolling through Instagram and Twitter it would seem I was not alone in feeling a little bit unlike my usual self.

The sheer number of comments from those of us struggling with the back to work life had me thinking. Why were so many of us struggling to get going again after the winter break?

I guess it all comes down to momentum.

Take the big boulder in Indiana Jones; it takes a minute to roll out of its shelf, but once it gets going it’s this big, unstoppable Archeologist squishing mass.

People are a little like this, I think.

We can trudge on through the year, ignoring how tired and exhausted we are, because we’re moving. We’re on that forward momentum that keeps us going through all the hard slog.

Then, in the Winter, we slow down, stop, and lose the momentum. And then, when we have to go back to the daily grind, we wonder why we don’t just snap back to the way we were when we stopped.

Let’s use the big boulder as another analogy; if you were trying to move the boulder, giving it one big shove wouldn’t work, would it? In all honesty, all that would result in was some sore muscles and possibly some broken bones.

No, little and often would probably be more effective in getting the boulder moving. What would be even more effective would be using some form of aid, and not doing it all yourself.

So, if you find yourself struggling to get back into the daily grind, remember; you are a boulder. You’ve slowed down, and you’re gonna need a bit of help finding your forward momentum again.

If you’re really struggling, here’s a few tips to aid you in feeling just a little like you’re rolling downhill.

1) Listen to Your Body

Chrysanthemums, a Cup of Tea, an Open Book and Glasses

Is it late at night and you’re sat on the couch, needing to tape your eyes open to stay awake? Go to bed, for God’s sake! Your body is telling you to rest. Go and rest.

Taking it slower when your body asks you to is the best thing you can do for your health and wellbeing, and you’ll find yourself feeling all the better for it.

2) Take Time for Self Care

Pink Roses upon Two Books

Self Care isn’t some nonsense millennial craze that has absolutely no basis or actual benefit to your life. Self Care makes you feel better.

It doesn’t have to be a long soak in the bath if, like me, you don’t really enjoy lounging in your own dirt and sweat for an hour.

Go for a walk. Move your body. Sit absolutely still and do not move. Just do what you want to do and take time for you.

3) Eat Well

The Holiday season is a time for pigging out and eating absolute crap, but our bodies really suffer for it. We indulge, and then over-indulge, and then feel really sluggish and a bit bleurgh.

Eat some greens, avoid the refined sugars and just eat well for a while. Believe me, you’ll feel so much better.

4) Be Kinder

Mossy Rocks by a Scottish Sea

To your friends. To your family. To the random you meet in the street. Most importantly, to yourself.

I’m channelling a kinder and more positive outlook this year. Especially as a singer, the environments and outlooks of those around us can be quite toxic.

I’ve grown quite a thick skin over the years, but as I look towards graduation and beyond, I’d like to add a few drops of positivity to my life in 2019.

5) Remember You’re not Alone

The entire reason I was inspired to write this post was the sheer number of people complaining of the back to work blues. There’s plenty of us out there.

If we all work together and add a little kindness to our day, we can all get through this together.

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