How to Make Your Bed Super Comfy

Human Beings spend over a third of lives on average in bed. Why wouldn’t you make it the most comfortable place to be?

I love my bed. To be fair, I love anything to do with sleep. It’s one of my favourite things in the entire world.

Given that humans spend somewhere around a third of their life in bed (probably a slightly higher percentage for me, tbh) making your bed a haven of comfort, joy and calm is essential.

Over the past few months, I have taken steps to upgrade and improve my sleeping environment, and I tell you what, it’s been wonderful.

Upgrade Your Pillows

White Pillows and Bed Sheets.

It took me years to realise that pillows came in different levels of puffiness. The fact that pillows weren’t all soft, squishy things was a news flash to me. I also didn’t realise that those different levels of puffiness related to the many different positions people sleep in. I sleep on my side, and upgrading to firmer pillows that offer more support helped stop the constant neck ache I’d often wake up with. Hallelujah!

Your pillows should probably last you around about a year to 18 months, maybe longer if it’s memory foam. For years I slept with the same soft shabby pillows (which is minging anyway). They were so old and discoloured and just blech. Updating my pillows was the best decision I ever made. Literally, spending a tenner on two pillows from Tesco improved my sleep so much.

For a start, new pillows don’t stink. If you pick up your pillows and can smell them, get them in the bin! Just think of the sweat and dead skins cells caught in those fibres.

TOP TIP: Do the fold test. If you fold your pillows in half and they don’t bounce back, it’s time for new ones. Similarly, if you’ve natural fibre pillows and you drape them over your arm, pillows that just hang there are past their best.

Wash your Sheets

Coffee, Cake and Mac Book on White Bed sheets.

I know it’s a faff. I know not all of us are blessed with expert duvet making skills. However, if you want the best night’s sleep, clean sheets are the one.

Fresh, clean sheets look better, smell better and just feel SO much better. I love having a really wonderful pamper night and coorying doon in my freshly made bed. Heaven!

If the idea of removing your Sheets, washing them, and putting them all back on the bed is just too much for you in one day, I would sorely recommend getting yourself some extra sheets. Never mind anything else, changing up your sheets is the quickest way to change the mood in your room.

TOP TIP: Check out the Burrito Method! It’s such a magic trick, and I use it myself when doing Housekeeping at work.

Get a Mattress Topper

Hotel Bedroom

Ohmygerd this is one of the best decisions I ever made! I know that one of the biggest changes I could make to my bed is to buy a fancy new mattress, but who’s got the money for that? House deposit comes first, y’know?

Instead of completely breaking the bank (and my back getting it up the stairs) I opted for a mattress topper instead.

Some mattress toppers can cost upwards of £150 pounds, which probably also isn’t in the budget for most people, but if you search hard enough, you can find a pretty decent one for quite the bargain. I got mine from IKEA (good ol‘ IKEA) and even just that tiny little change improved my bed so much.

It’s not a permanent fix, and I can’t wait until I can make my own bed in my own home with all the fabulousness I desire, but for now, I make do.

TOP TIP: If you really want that extra layer of comfort, pop a really light TOG duvet underneath your mattress topper or bottom sheet. It’s like sleeping on a cloud.

Make Your Bed

Colourful Bed and Bedroom Interior

What would you rather come home to? A mess of crumpled sheets, cold and uninviting, left from the night before, or a neatly made bed, covered with all the trimmings, just begging you to hop in?

I know my answer.

Climbing into a nicely made bed every night is one of my favourite things in the world. It just makes me feel like the day has ended and I don’t have any more responsibilities as long as I’m here.

Another benefit of making my bed before I leave in the morning is the fact that it just makes me feel more put together. If I’ve accomplished nothing else that day, I’ve been adult enough to smooth out my duvet and arrange my pillows properly.

TOP TIP: Where my Hinchers at? A trick I first saw on the marvellous Mrs Hinch’s Instagram, find yourself a fabric conditioner in a scent you really love. Mix on cupful in a spray bottle with water. Every time you make your bed, give it a quick spritz. It’ll leave your sheets smelling divine, and makes your bed an even more inviting place.


In my humble opinion, you can never have too many blankets. You can have blankets for curling up on the sofa in. You can have blankets to add to your bed in the freezing cold winter months. You can have blankets that are purely for decoration.

Blankets are wonderful things. With the trend for modern homes to be quite minimalist, I often find soft furnishings like blankets and pillows just make somewhere like your bedroom seem warmer and more inviting.

My current favourite blanket is my MacKenzie Tartan Knee Blanket from The Tartan Blanket Company. Not only is it made from recycled wool, meaning it’s ethical and eco-friendly, but it fits with my love of Scottish style and is super duper cosy. I love curling up on the sofa with it wrapped around my shoulders.

How do you make your bed the comfy haven it should be? Do you like a snuggly, fluffy cloud, or do you prefer luxury blankets and silken sheets?